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The impressive archaeological complex Pachacamac with its pyramids, palaces, temples and squares is located south of Lima near the Lurin River. For many centuries it was the most important religious, cultural and political center of the Lima, Wari, Ychma and Inca cultures on the peruvian coast, ruled by the god Pachacamac.

The word «Pachacamac» comes from Quechua, «pacha» means «earth» and «qamac» is the «soul», i.e. «soul of the earth», which animates the earth, which moves the life of the earth, which determines the fate of the earth controls, the lord of earthquakes.

75 m.

Average temperature

Januar: 23 °C, Februar: 23 °C, März: 23 °C, Abril: 21 °C, Mai: 20 °C, Juni: 18 °C, Juli: 17 °C, August: 17 °C, September: 17 °C, Oktober: 16 °C, November: 17 °C, Dezember: 18 °C.

Average rainfall

Januar: 1 mm, Februar: 1 mm, März: 0 mm, Abril: 0 mm, Mai: 1 mm, Juni: 2 mm, Juli: 3 mm, August: 3 mm, September: 3 mm, Oktober: 2 mm, November: 2 mm, Dezember: 0 mm.


Average relative humidity

Januar: 85%, Februar: 80%, März: 80%, Abril: 85%, Mai: 85%, Juni: 85%, Juli: 85%, August: 85%, September: 85%, Oktober: 85%, November: 85%, Dezember: 85%.

Source of statistical data: Weatherbase.

Travel programs:
Peru in Kürze    PTW-PER005

Peru in a few days

7 days / 6 nights

Round trip: Lima, Pachacamac, Cusco, the «Sacred Valley» of the Urubamba, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Lima.

Pachacamac   PTW-LIM002


Half day

The formerly very important religious center, named after the creator god Pachacamac, is located just south of the city of Lima.


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