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KarajiaThe sarcophagi of Karajia are unique tombs of the Chachapoyas culture (1100 to 1300 AD) in human form, up to 2 m high. They are on an enormous, vertical cliff, which is extremely difficult to access.

Geographical location

48 km west of Chachapoyas.


2400 m.


Climate of the nearby city of Chachapoyas:

Karajia, MapaAverage high and low temperature

January: 19,6 C / 9,4 C, February: 19,5 C / 9,7 C, March: 19,3 C / 9,9 C, April: 19,9 C / 9,7 C, May: 20,1 C / 9,2 C, June: 19,8 C / 8,3 C, July: 19,4 C / 7,7 C, August: 20,0 C / 7,5 C, September: 20,1 C / 8,5 C, October: 20,4 C / 9,1 C, November: 21,0 C / 9,1 C, December: 20,9 C / 9,1 C.

Average rainfall

January: 78 mm, February: 92 mm, March: 137 mm, April: 82 mm, May: 34 mm, June: 20 mm, July: 21 mm, August: 20 mm, September: 54 mm, October: 85 mm, November: 82 mm, December: 745 mm.


Average relative humidity

Annual average: 74%.

Source of statistical data: Senamhi. 


Travel programs:
Roundtrip Northern Peru    PTW-PER006

Northern Peru

13 days / 12 nights

Round trip: Lima, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, Karaja, Kuelap, Leymebamba, Gocta, Tarapoto, Lamas, Lago Lindo, Laguna Azul, Tarapoto, Lima.

Gocta   PTW-CHK007

Chachapoyas – history and nature

6 days / 5 nights

From Chiclayo on the coast to the mountains where the Chachapoyas people once lived, to get to know witnesses of their culture and architecture and to marvel at the third largest waterfall in the world. Drive through the mountain jungle to Tarapoto.

Kuelap   PTW-CHK002

Highlights of the Chachapoyas culture

4 days / 3 nights

From Chiclayo to Chachapoyas, Karajia, Choctamal, Kuelap Fortress, back to Chiclayo.

Karajia   PTW-CHK005

Archaeological tour in the Utcubamba valley

5 days / 4 nights

From Cajamarca via Celendin to Leymebamba with the Museo Centro Malqui that houses the mummies from lake Laguna de los Cndores, Choctamal, the Kuelap Fortress, Chachpoyas, Karajia, Chiclayo.


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