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Santa Apolonia Santa Apolonia, Cajamarca

Not far from the center of the city of Cajamarca, the mountain «Santa Apolonia» rises and offers a wonderful view of Cajamarca and the whole valley. Beautiful staircases, ornamental gardens and a chapel dedicated to St. Apolonia invite the visitor. Among the remains of pre-hispanic constructions still visible today, stands out the famous inca chair, «Silla del Inca», a seat carved out of blocks of stone found on the hill. In the past, the mountain was denoted by the quechua term «Rumi Tiana» (made of stones molded seat) known.
Santa Apolonia

Geographical location

Southwest of the Plaza de Armas in Cajamarca.


2764 m.

Climate of the city of Cajamarca

Average temperature

January: 14,2 °C, February: 13,4 °C, March: 13,5 °C, Abril: 13,4 °C, Mai: 12,7 °C, June: 11,8 °C, July: 11,9 °C, August: 12,3 °C, September: 12,8 °C, October: 13,6 °C, November: 13,3 °C, December: 13,4 °C.


Average high and low temperature

January: 21,1 °C / 7,4 °C, February: 20,2 °C / 6,7 °C, March: 20,3 °C / 6,7 °C, Abril: 20,2 °C / 6,6 °C, Mai: 21,0 °C / 4,5 °C, June: 21,1 °C / 2,6 °C, July: 21,1 °C / 2,7 °C, August: 21,0 °C / 3,6 °C, September: 21,0 °C / 4,6 °C, October: 21,0 °C / 6,3 °C, November: 21,2 °C / 5,5 °C, December: 21,1 °C / 5,7 °C.


Average rainfall

January: 98 mm, February: 111 mm, March: 133 mm, Abril: 91 mm, Mai: 42 mm, June: 15 mm, July: 8 mm, August: 14 mm, September: 40 mm, October: 92 mm, November: 68 mm, December: 83 mm.

Source of statistical data: es.climate-data.orgi.


Average relative humidity

January: 61%, February: 66%, March: 69%, Abril: 66%, Mai: 63%, June: 59%, July: 59%, August: 55%, September: 61%, October: 57%, November: 56%, December: 61%.

Source of statistical data: Weatherbase.

Photo: ANDINA.

Travel programs:
Cajamarca, Cumbemayo   PTW-CAJ001

Experience Cajamarca

5 days / 4 nights

Citytour in Cajamarca, rock tombs of Otuzco, haciendas for horseback riding and tasting of dairy products, Cumbemayo, «Baños del Inca» thermal baths, Granja Porcón.


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