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Baños del Inca

Baños de Inca, CajamarcaThe thermal bath «Baños del Inca» got its name from the Inca Atahualpa, who liked to stay here to relax and to draw new strength. The water that feeds the «Baños del Inca» is up to 72 °C warm. It also contains a number of minerals (sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, lithium, strontium and silica), which is why it is recommended for the treatment of various diseases (rheumatism, bronchial, nervous and skin diseases). There are communal pools, individual pools, outdoor pools, massages and sauna baths with eucalyptus treatments to enjoy the thermal baths.
Cajamarca, Baños del Inca

Geographical location

6 km east of Cajamarca.


2667 m.

Climate of the nearby city of Cajamarca

Average temperature

January: 14,2 °C, February: 13,4 °C, March: 13,5 °C, Abril: 13,4 °C, Mai: 12,7 °C, June: 11,8 °C, July: 11,9 °C, August: 12,3 °C, September: 12,8 °C, October: 13,6 °C, November: 13,3 °C, December: 13,4 °C.


Average high and low temperature

January: 21,1 °C / 7,4 °C, February: 20,2 °C / 6,7 °C, March: 20,3 °C / 6,7 °C, Abril: 20,2 °C / 6,6 °C, Mai: 21,0 °C / 4,5 °C, June: 21,1 °C / 2,6 °C, July: 21,1 °C / 2,7 °C, August: 21,0 °C / 3,6 °C, September: 21,0 °C / 4,6 °C, October: 21,0 °C / 6,3 °C, November: 21,2 °C / 5,5 °C, December: 21,1 °C / 5,7 °C.


Average rainfall

January: 98 mm, February: 111 mm, March: 133 mm, Abril: 91 mm, Mai: 42 mm, June: 15 mm, July: 8 mm, August: 14 mm, September: 40 mm, October: 92 mm, November: 68 mm, December: 83 mm.

Source of statistical data: es.climate-data.orgi.


Durchschnittliche relative Luftfeuchtigkeit

January: 61%, February: 66%, March: 69%, Abril: 66%, Mai: 63%, June: 59%, July: 59%, August: 55%, September: 61%, October: 57%, November: 56%, December: 61%.

Source of statistical data: Weatherbase.

Photo: ANDINA.

Travel programs:

Cajamarca, Cumbemayo   PTW-CAJ001

Experience Cajamarca

5 days / 4 nights

Citytour in Cajamarca, rock tombs of Otuzco, haciendas for horseback riding and tasting of dairy products, Cumbemayo, «Baños del Inca» thermal baths, Granja Porcón.

Cajamarca, Baños del Inca   PTW-CAJ003

Thermal Baths «Baños del Inca»

1 day

Even the Incas used the thermal baths of Cajamarca to relax in the «Baños del Inca». Today, its healing effects are accessible to everyone.


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